Our Selection

The Taillevent Collection

The Taillevent Collection is the most representative expression of an appellation made by a great  winemaker. 

Rich in our friendships, it is the reflection of our deep ties, woven over the years, with the artisans of  the wine and spirits world. 

A Crozes Hermitage from Alain Graillot, a Pessac Leognan from Château Haut-Bailly, or a Bellet from  Clos Saint Vincent…


The history of the Taillevent Cellars shines brightly through the loyalty and close ties we maintain  with a large number of vintners. It was André Vrinat who started laying the foundations of this  building when he opened his restaurant in 1947, with wine and vintners placed at its very forefront. 

Domaines Raveneau, Confuron-Cotetidot, Roumier, Dagueneau or Henri Bonneau and La Grange des  Pères … We invite you to come and discover these iconic wines which have long fed many an  enthusiast’s dreams.

Ancient Vintages

Savouring a wine at its peak creates a lasting impression, and our focus is to offer only the wines that  are ready to be enjoyed. A great many wines are maturing in our cellars which will only be presented  when they have reached maturity.